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Vital C IT Advisory:

Please be informed that Phase 3 of our Hybrid Marketing Plan: Network of Builders will not push through tomorrow July 1, 2014. The implementation date of Phase 3 will be announced later. For queries and clarifications, kindly contact the IT Department.

Please be informed that effective immediately our Promotional Discount Voucher (PDV) Set M is no longer accepted.
Effective March 1, 2014. For every 250 encoded E-RHM USP in a month per group, we will give one (1) free VRA per group. For every 1000 encoded E-RHM USP in a month per group, we will give one (1) VRA with laptop and printer per group.
Vital C IT Advisory:

For any queries, clarifications and problem regarding the new IT System please call Edwin Sison of the IT Department at 631-1899 or 0917-5439586. You can also send your concerns via email to or

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    Dr. Jose M. Oclarit born in Saray, Salay, Misamis Oriental, Dr. Oclarit comes to Mountain View College with a string of impressive academic credentials. In 1979 he finished his BS Zoology/Marine Biology from the Mindanao State University, Marawi City and 1987, his Master of Science in Physiology from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. In 1984, Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan conferred on him his Ph.D. in Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His research title was: Chemical and Biological Studies of Bioactive Compounds Obtained from Marine Sponges of Japan.

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  • Susanita M. Ruiz , 49 yrs. old | Mansiungan, Bacolod City.

    I am an elementary teacher who has had Bilateral Thyroid cysts since year 2005. It is really hard for me especially in my profession to have this kind of health problem. My students often ask me what happened to my throat because it is swollen. It affects my confidence and my desire to be an effective and a good teacher. A friend of my husband told me that Vital C is good. I gave it a try for 6 months, taking 2 capsules per day and I have observed that the enlargement of the exterior portion of my neck disappeared. Vital C didn?t just help me with my sickness but also gave me back my confidence in practicing my profession. Thank you Vital C!